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The Jamaica Music Conference (JMC)
is the preeminent music conference that connects music artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs globally with the who’s who in the Jamaica music industry. Now in its 7th staging, the JMC provides an opportunity for independent music professionals to network and collaborate with industry peers, seasoned professionals and creatives, showcase emerging talent,and learn best practices and gain insights into the ever-changing business of music, through relevant panel discussions and interactive workshops.




Hon. Minister Olivia Grange’s address to UNESCO including JMC in her remarks

In 2013, the JMC began as just a panel discussion, which included an exploration of music publishing. The panel evolved into a music business conference with a primary focus on strengthening Independent Music Professionals (IMP) navigating the Jamaica music industry. The Jamaica Music Conference LLC was officially established in 2015.

Historically speaking, Jamaica is a Culture Creator. Music has consistently evolved into a global cultural exchange, which is more evident on today’s pop charts than ever before. Check Billboard’s Hot 100, listen to the music of recent Grammy nominees and winners, or turn on local radio anywhere in the world today and you’ll hear fragments of the very fabric of Jamaican music. Additionally, entire genres (ska, rap, hip hop, and EDM) are born out of Jamaican music, which makes the island the original and ongoing lifeblood of popular music trends. This also makes Jamaica the perfect setting to dialogue, discuss and develop strategies for those operating within, and outside, the Jamaican music industry alike.