Joavan Puran

19 May 2018

Joavan Puran better known as ‘Yagga’ has been involved in the growth and development of contemporary art in Jamaica for the past decade. His interests in issues relating to Jamaica’s social landscape are visualized in his work, primarily focusing on te rastafari community. Joavan is a pass student of the Edna Manley College where he obtained a batchelors degree in fine art and has since founded as registered the first and only Art company in Portland Jamaica. Mr Puran has been the muralist for Bob Marley foundation since 2007 And is also an entrepreneur, artist, teacher and facilitator of the arts.
Since 2013, yagga has made an impact in a series of independent studies on anthropology and social entrepreneurship with dr Kademawe K’nIfe director of studies at Mona school of bussines UWI. Joavan is now the first jamaican artist to exhibit in Guyana during the company’s art tour of South America in July 2015, and was also the featured artist on international reggae day july1 2015.

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