Kamp Kamila

18 Oct 2018

Kamila McDonald, dynamic certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist, is a Stanford University graduate with an inspiring story of self-discovery and reclamation. Drawing from her own health and fitness struggles, she created a program which utilizes the philosophy that “a healthy, physical lifestyle cannot begin without a sound emotional and spiritual foundation.” After earning her Masters in Journalism from UC Berkeley, Kamila returned to her native island of Jamaica to work in health and communications. She designed a predominantly, plant-based nutrition program and an efficient complimentary workout and fitness regime to serve as the foundation for lifestyle change.

Her work in the space has made Kamila one of the most recognizable fitness and wellness personalities in the Caribbean and the diaspora. She has empowered people home and abroad, to not only lose weight but to adopt a healthy lifestyle fueled by self-love. Her Jamaican/Caribbean inspired fitness brand is one of the most organic and beloved with a story riddled with achievements of seemingly impossible goals. She lost 60 lbs on her way to becoming the first Miss Jamaica World contestant, pushing the boundaries by being the first with dreadlocks. Overcoming a life changing period in her life, she gave birth to a new determination and realization of the connectivity between physical health and emotional wellness. In light of her challenges, it’s remarkable that this dynamic fitness guru, entrepreneur, author and mom of a beautiful daughter, Kailani-belle clawed herself out of her own dark place to find peace, health and happiness. Kamila’s fitness method is based on the wellness of the spirit and mind, while building the body.

The program encompasses the magic of Reggae music, organic foods inspired by her lush, island home of Jamaica, and her “High-Intensity Interval Training” workouts. However, it is more than just food and exercise that makes her program unique, it’s the human connectivity and peer support. During her annual fitness tours and weight loss challenges, Kampers within the Kamp Kamila movement are connected by an unbreakable bond that is rooted in love, support and common struggle.

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