08 Jun 2018

Event Promoter/Booking Agent, MYC Entertainment |
Niyah of MYC Entertainment is one of the most visible promoters, event organizers and industry go-to person in Toronto. Her relationships with concert producers in Canada, as well as signature events in the Caribbean puts her in the unique position of working with artists, media and music fans, all within a days’ work.
Based in Toronto and Kingston, Niyah works with the producers of the ‘When Dance Did Nice’ series, YOWRonto Music Festival, Rebel Night Club and The Juice Comedy Festival. Working with producers of this caliber, Niyah regularly books artists to perform on these prestigious stages, while promoting the events to fans in Toronto. What started with promotions to 5,000 people in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) has now grown to promotions to 50,000 people not only for concert producers, but for artists who need campaigns developed to build awareness of their brand.
With promotional teams in Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Kingston and South America, and working with the most prestigious concert producers, Niyah of MYC Entertainment is one of the most resourceful people to network with when building an artists’ performance career.

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