07 Dec 2019

Journalist, Billboard

In addition to its informative panels and instructive workshops, the Jamaica Music Conference presents some of reggae and dancehall’s finest upcoming acts at its annual showcases. JMC’s November 2018 showcase finale at Jamnesia in Bull Bay was a full circle moment for headliner Lila Iké because Jamensia’s open mic Saturday nights was one of the first places she had ever sang while trying to make her name as an artist, just a few years ago! Lila’s JMC showcase was a revelation for me, and for so many others in attendance, who, up until that night, had only seen her perform a song or two within sets by her mentor, Protoje; one of her first full-length performances, anywhere, Lila’s JMC presentation was phenomenal. In July 2019, when the opportunity arose to interview Lila for Billboard, to accompany the video premiere for her single “Where I’m Coming From,” I had already experienced firsthand at the JMC a little of where Lila had come from and more importantly, where the caliber of her talents could take her. I look forward to the JMC February 2020 showcases and the career opportunities that will result from those artists’ appearances on such a significant platform.

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