Ricky Trooper

01 May 2018

Ricardo “Ricky Trooper” Johnson was born in a small town in St. Mary, Jamaica. Before he reached his teen ages, he was introduced to the world of sound system by veteran sound owner, Copey, of Coptic Hi Power Sound System, of Spanish Town, Jamaica. By the time Trooper reached his twenties he joined the legendary Kilamanjaro also known as Jaro sound system. The music industry allowed him to work alongside artists like Ninja Man, Bunny General, Papa San and Lecturer.
Under the influence of Trooper, Kilamanjarobecame known as the number one sound system known as “The Killing Machine”. The sound system industry, particularly the clash scene, took Trooper around the world. He Dub Plates left lasting impressions on every listener. In 2000, Trooper decided to create his own Sound System, Sound Trooper. With countless trophies under his wing, Ricky Trooper continues to master the sound system industry across the globe.

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