Steve Billings

09 Oct 2018

Steve Alexander Billings is the CEO of SunCity 104.9FM and though he heads a series of other businesses namely Billings & Billings Custom Brokers, SunCity TV, Braeton Connection (Record Label) and Franchise Owner for Portmore Music Fest, “He brings a reassuring presence to Radio”.
Steve has had over a decade of experience in Direct Sales & Management, and by his own admission is a champion of old fashion values, he believes firmly in the virtues of caution, prudence, consistency and absolute dedication to the interest of his clients.
Steve remains committed to changing the landscape of Radio Broadcasting in the region.
The connect he has with the heart-beating people who listen to the station and how he communicates and leverages business offerings with ease to his clients makes SunCity 104.9 FM’s positioning unique.
SunCity 104.9 FM has been able to move from strength to strength, meeting the challenges and exceeding benchmarks with a formidable team.
Steve credits his business success to always making himself readily available and responsive to his client’s needs and professes it’s the best way to do business.
Steve was born in the United Kingdom, but attended Ardenne Preparatory and Jamaica College and upon exiting sict Form, he furthered his academics at the University of Technology Jamaica.
When he is not passionately engaged in breaking barriers in business, he enjoys spending time with his two sons, biking, bird shooting, and enjoying the offerings of the beautiful island of Jamaica.

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